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The shared passion for admiring the beautiful and the joy of creating usable things naturally led to the founding of Zoor. The decision to join forces and dedicate our lives to what we have been breathing since we came into the world - the art of living, which elegantly embraces design in all areas, both physical and digital. With the right energy, the ment to be projects came and we were able to invite like-minded excellent experts in their fields.

Zoor is our meeting point, a hive of dedicated minds, a mint of boutique projects. It is crucial that we feel, connect with the client, get to know him well through the initial process and thus absolutely treat him in the lead role. The idea that each of us, as individuals in a common universe, is surrounded by more ‘shells’, each with its own function and role, has a significant impact on giving a shell status and stature.

Beauty always comes from within.

Ursula Or

CEO & Lead Architect
Ursula, ‘L'Enfant terrible’, who from the very beginning, with her deep thinking about every day, as well as unusual things, constantly explores the feelings of people in spaces and ways of life. She likes to joke that creating energies released from space through people is her magic.

She moves the boundaries of architecture and interior, broadly avoids trends, creates the modern, and draws from the past. Her passion has always been narrative, texturally rich interiors, imbued with velvet materials and strong colors. Deepening into the client, into his world, way of life and thinking is sacred to her. She draws from the endless fountain of art, history, technology, mechanics, the written word, through paintings, sculptures, and music, movement, dance, and sports - life is her only inspiration!

Already during her studies, she designed single-family houses and apartments. She was given a greater opportunity as an architect on the site, during the construction of a model case of the Geberit business and production facility in Ruše, where she scaled up technical ingenuity, perfectionism in construction and upgraded construction mileage. In 2016, she received her master's degree with honors from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, under the mentorship of prof. dr. Živa Deu.

In Zoor's design studio she leads a group of architects with whom she prefers to design living facilities for well-known investors. She passionately carries out designs from initial thought, construction, and equipment, to moving in. She is also working on smaller settlements, single-family houses, offices, renovations of old houses, and city flats. Her passion includes the design of living objects that shape our lives daily; from sofas, and tables of all kinds, to wooden and stone sinks, kitchens, chests, porcelain… maybe even boats.

Her guideline is that life through work gives us joy, beauty, and comfort, as well as satisfaction with a technical invention.
From 2015 - 2018 he worked as a UI/UX designer and Wordpress developer. In 2018, he found great mentors and started working on more demanding self-initiated projects, eventually landing a job in a WordPress Web development agency. 

After that, he had an experience as a UX designer in a Renault/Nissan marketing agency, and eventually, he moved on more to product design, working for crypto start-ups Eligma, Kriptomat and for a more traditional bank - Sparkasse. He is still working with the latter as the lead UX/Service designer and advisor. 

He has designed dozens of websites, mobile applications, and more complex user interfaces. 

At Zoor, he takes care of the organizational, design, and marketing parts. He designs complex CRMs, mobile apps, and websites. In the last couple of years, he is also creating 3D models and renders. 

Besides having a great atmosphere, he values improving processes in the company and always improving himself.

Jure Zorko

Lead UX / Product / Service Designer
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