Project description
As if on a small safe clearing, lined with soft moss, overgrown with lush fern and adjoining grasses, the path leads to a very special office among the rocky loners.

The golden-cut curve of the expanding young navel of the fern subtly draws the center in the ground plan and opens the sky above it, with a natural stroke separating the spaces for reflection, work, short rest, and support.
Project start
Project end

Entrance to the office

The visitor is greeted by a logo of the company nested on spruce, transformed from the fern of Stelnik, and represents the surrounding Turjak forests, subtly hinting to the tranquil and natural energy awaiting on the inside.

Meeting room

A complete whole is created, powered straight from the universe.

The energy is fluid but not rushing, circling around a sophisticated stone table that, as if hovering on the magnetism of space, stimulates conversation and balances the weight of debates.

It unifies roles, softens the ego, and connects in a circle.

The limit is the starry sky.
Visualisation / Realisation

"The oak stands in the Turjaški dvor, the top rises in the clouds. In the shade at the stone table, the choir sits the noble lords…"

Oak shield

Prešeren’s ‘Oak Stands in the Turjaški Dvor’, here he surrounds the space between two dominant castles, Turjak and Kostel, in the style of Valvasor, through cupboards. It hides all the technical support elements, a storage with a printer, a server with a technical console and a kitchenette.

The oak shield at the entrance slowly, through a niche with a curved birch trunk, which takes the wardrobe into its protection, and on the other side of the door softly, through hanging maple propellers, transforms into endless greenery.

Wardrobe and rest area

Huge soft river stones for a short meditation, a chat, or a snack, are meaningfully sprinkled around birch tables.
Visualisation / Realisation

Space for the director

The director's table is a significant piece of furniture, it is where the difficult decisions are made and hard work put in.

The table top is made out of old oak load bearing beams from the Stone House and represents the roots of business.

The glass leg supports the table with a future vision, leaning on the stone past.

The director oversees the both castles on the walls and the greenery with the stone table of knights.

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