Project description
In the forests of Kostel, we were greeted by the stone house, tired, worn, overgrown, but so alive in the soul. It served well and for a long time, with some failed renovation attempts. A birth house with tremendous emotional value. We felt it and the house was slowly telling its secrets. The renovation happened straight from the heart to its stony heart.
Project start
Project end

Custom kitchen cabinet

The kitchen is partly hidden behind a piece of wallpaper at the entrance to the room, otherwise in its gleaming brass it calls to the island. A refrigerated display case with tempting freshly prepared meals invites you to dine at an organic wooden table on a wild stone leg.
Load bearing beam - tree
The front door to the house is being restored and fully preserved. The partition wall to the left of the entrance separating the bathroom, living room and room from the living area is preserved, and the other two walls, which previously framed the additional room, are being replaced with a wooden beam.
Bathroom and Washroom 
When we climb upstairs
Climb to the gallery
Duck book stairs lead to the gallery. From the upper floor, the view and the path through the glass floor and the hiking green canopy continue to the grassy hill.
A chest of memories
The chest of memories - treasures, symbolically placed at the very top of the stairs, is built of indigenous sorts of wood. Its armor in an intertwined vibrating pattern mimics a massive security castle door, but is overwhelmed by a pleasant sweetness.

Namely, she drew her composition from the owner's favorite dish - apple strudel. Oak wraps it in dough, apple gives juiciness, maple ribs sweetness and walnut noble accents. It stands steadily on the four golden balls, the most important people of the owner. It is unlocked by one key. It hides the heart of Kostel.
The fireplace is the heart of the house
The ceiling opens above a specially defined part, thus creating an open gallery that displays the original wooden structure of the house.

In the airy part of the house, a fireplace is placed in the center, which illustrates the heart of the house, and around it, a round, shaped seating area of harmonious proportions is softly arranged.
Attic Suite
In the attic, a small but comfortable suite with a bathroom is created, which, if necessary, is seemingly extended to the gallery, to the reading and resting area.
The attic En-Suite
The en-suite bathroom continues the cozy yet mysterious vibe of the attic suite. The almost temple sanctuary-like energy wraps your soul and usual preparation for the night or the day becomes a ritual of serenity and peace. 

Materials are kept in their natural form and carefully crafted into the bespoke shape of art. The stone for the sink is local, and sitting it on glass created a visible withstand with the physics. 

As the ceiling was super low and there was no option to lift it literally, the decision of the suspended bundle of lights and a faucet offered itself. 

The lush green wall on the lower part of the bathroom adds to the deepness and blurs the visible end of the space that mirrors.
In the heart of nature
It is perfect, unusual, inviting to its spaces, where the web is of perfect nature, all the experiences of the time, gentle forest villas and the Devil's Church, and almost unearthly peace.
Through the deer antlers and the trunk of the local birch, the house invites us to its center.
Entrance and canopy
The house retains its dimensions completely. The canopy over the entrance is being replaced by a glass windbreak, where there is also space for storing garden cushions and a cloakroom.
Before / After

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